Thursday, June 26, 2008


Its been a big week for graduations. Earlier this week my son completed his time in kindergarden and today the EclipseLink project graduated from incubation status. Tonight I took a few minutes to finally remove the big egg from the EclipseLink home page.

As for my son, he is pretty focussed on spending every waking hour swimming until September. As for EclipseLink we are about ready to ship our 1.0 release on July 9th. In both cases it should be a fun and exciting summer.

We have been getting great feedback so far on EclipseLink and I would like to invite the entire Java community to download EclipseLink and try it out. We are eager to get your feedback and continue to expand the usage of our project.



Simon Martinelli said...

Hi Doug,
You left a comment in my blog so do I in yours ;-)

In my opinion TopLink (and now EclipseLink) is the better product than Hibernate. I'm using TopLink Essentials in a JPA course at the university of applied sciences in Bern and I had some troubles with Hibernate that I never had with TopLink. And as I wrote in my blog I'm using TopLink for about 8 years and we hadn't realy big trouble with it. At least if you now what your doing, but this counts for every OR-Mapper.

So I hope you and your team will continue to deliver great "stuff".

Greetings form Switzerland

yawolf said...

EclipseLink is very great.In our products we have use EclipseLink to replace OpenJPA.
I like EclipseLink,and expect to see this release soon.I wish the dynamic entity,MOXY and SDO will be better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

A SessionCustomizer that looks like below that will handle CHAR columns doesn't work on eclipselink anymore? Or am I missing something?


public class OracleSessionCustomizer implements SessionCustomizer {

public void customize(Session session) {
session.getEventManager().addListener(new OracleSessionListener());
//set the default for the columns.
session.getLogin().setDefaultNullValue(String.class, " ");
session.getLogin().setDefaultNullValue(Integer.class, 0);
session.getLogin().setDefaultNullValue(Long.class, 0);

class OracleSessionListener extends SessionEventAdapter {
public void postAcquireConnection(SessionEvent event) {
Connection conn = ((DatabaseAccessor) event.getResult()).getConnection();
OracleConnection oconn = (OracleConnection) conn;


Doug said...


Assuming you adjust the package names from oracle.toplink to org.eclipse.persistence I would expect it to work the same. If you could post the question to our newsgroup I will get a developer to review it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug!

I posted the same question on the newsgroup.

You guys are doing a fantastic job on eclipselink!