Friday, February 25, 2011

Oracle @ EclipseCon

Although it does not look like I will make it to Santa Clara this year for EclipseCon the rest of the team here at Oracle has put together an impressive set of sessions. If you are planning on attending EclipseCon here is a summary of the Oracle related sessions.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Using JPA 2.0 in WebLogic 10.3.4

Starting with the Oracle WebLogic 10.3.4 release it is now possible to upgrade to using JPA 2.0. The release includes TopLink (with EclipseLink 2.1.2).

Since WebLogic 10.3.4 is a compliant Java EE 5 implementation it is required to ship out of the box with support for EJB 3.0 and thus JPA 1.0. If you wish to upgrade your install to allow JPA 2.0 use you must follow install a small patch, which is documented here.

If you are making use of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse the new includes support for using the JPA 2.0 capabilities.