Monday, March 17, 2008

EclipseLink in the News

Pretty exciting day so far at EclipseCon. We have been involved in two press releases at the conference so far.

Eclipse Announces EclipseLink Project to Deliver JPA 2.0 Reference Implementation

Eclipse Announces New Runtime Initiative around Equinox

Ian Skerrett
discusses this announcement and its implications. This announcement has a couple effects to the EclipseLink project. First off it provides a new top level project for us. We will move from the Technology project to the newly created Runtime project in the near future. This also formalizes our relationship with Equinox. We will soon be checking in our work to enabled EclipseLink's effective use in an OSGi environment.
Now that we have these announcements out I am looking forward to spending more time talking to other attendees about their work and how EclipseLink may be of use in their projects and applications.


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