Wednesday, November 7, 2007

EclipseLink 1.0 Milestone 1: Now Available

We just made our first milestone build available for download. See the EclipseLink team blog for more information.

This is an important step for our project. Our plan is to produce monthly milestone builds as we work toward our 1.0 release. It does seem very odd to be starting back at a 1.0 release after over 10 years of shipping this Java persistence solution. For those familiar with TopLink this milestone is the complete capabilities from the Oracle TopLink 11gR1 Technology Preview 2. Since we were near completion of our development cycle for this release the new features available are complete and well tested.

We are also in the process of publishing the complete documentation from Oracle TopLink as the EclipseLink user manuals. This will be done on the wiki. This in conjunction with the evolving set of examples should help developers easily evaluate the use of this project.

Any and all feedback is appreciated. There is a newsgroup and users mailing list where feedback can be provided.

All information on the EclipseLink project can be found linked from our home page.